About Us

The primary role of a Medical Technologist is to analyse in vitro samples to diagnose diseases. Doctors rely on these results to guide treatment and management of their patients. The active and demanding role of a Medical Technologist in the healthcare space was therefore an attractive option for Ishara Ramparsad in choosing this career. After qualifying at the Durban University of Technology (then M L Sultan Technicon) she spent 17 years at the KZN National Laboratory Services. In October 2005 Ishara launched LAB24 Pathology Laboratory. LAB24 is proudly equipped with state-of-the-art analysers from internationally recognised diagnostic houses like Roche, Siemens, Sysmex Cepheid and Ilex. This enables us to ensure prompt, reliable results with the quickest turnaround times. Our team of experienced technologists, caring and friendly phlebotomists and an efficient logistics and administrative network help us provide an exceptional level of care and service. As a medical technologist run laboratory we bill members medical aids at up to 25% less than most popular laboratories in South Africa.

Since 2005 medical technologist Ishara Ramparsad established LAB24. Her intention was to start a laboratory to provide cost effective pathology tests.

Ishara, together with her husband Daya, and three others, started LAB24 behind the Mount Edgecombe hospital. Hard work, long hours, effective marketing and constant striving to achieve the targets of reliable results and quick turn-around times at affordable rates saw the steady growth of LAB24. It moved to new premises at the Mount Edgecombe Hospital Annex, and in doing so – became the first Medical Technologist run laboratory to be allowed to operate within a hospital precinct. We have since outgrown our space at the hospital and have expanded into larger premises to service the greater Durban area.




To provide affordable, unsurpassed quality pathology diagnostic results in the quickest turnaround time. By constantly innovating with unique offerings in an ever-changing environment, we are focused on supporting doctors in patient-centric endeavours. We further invest in research opportunities for the wellbeing and optimum health management of patients.


We strive towards being the first choice for pathology diagnostic services to doctors, patients, and the communities we serve.

Why Choose Us?

LAB24 has grown from strength to strength with support from many doctors and the community. We look forward to providing an excellent, accessible, affordable service for many years to come.

The staff complement has grown substantially to keep pace with the expansion. A highly competent team of medical technologists, phlebotomists and administrative staff has contributed enormously to the growth of LAB24.

Low Cost & High Quality Services

One of the major benefits of choosing LAB24 is that we provide our quality diagnostic services at low cost to Medical Aid Service Providers, Patients and/or Funders. We are the best option to extend patient benefits, which helps funders maintain healthcare costs.

Controlled In-House Testing

Tests are performed in our established laboratory using state of the art equipment by international brands and headed by qualified medical technologists with years of industry expertise.

Negotiated Co-Payments

LAB24’s commitment to promoting better health and wellness in our communities is driven through affordable payment options (Cash, Credit Card & Medical Aid), and a wide range of service offerings that benefits multiple parties. We are very negotiable on co-payments where applicable.

Quick Turnaround Time

We know how important time is in our industry. Our quick and efficient diagnostic processes can get you results for a range of tests, in just a matter of hours (subject to receiving sample at the lab).